Flies and Fishing tips
Written by Ben Bates
Tuesday, 14 February 2012 09:25
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Our regulars will no doubt have their own favourite spots and killer patterns, but for those of you who are new to Langley here are some of our thoughts and tips to give you a better chance of catching fish!!

Early Season

Langley opens on February 17th and, if it is not actually frozen, water temperatures are low!! The first areas to warm up tend to be the shallower waters from the boat house around through "Cookson's Bay" and down towards the outlet in the South East corner. This shallower water tends to provide the best early season sport either from the boats or, for those hardy enough to do so, by wading. An intermediate line fished slowly with a lure on the point and a black wet fly on the dropper should prove effective. The flies that have been succesful over the years are Dawsons, Black Fritz, Bibio, Montanas and Buzzers.

Spring/Early Summer

As the water warms up(hopefully!!) and more natural food becomes available buzzers and dry flies come into their own.





We sell a good selection of flies at the lodge. Here are some of the patterns that have proved particularly successful over the years;





Bibbio Hopper - Green Centre


Buzzer Black

Black Fritz Cats whiskers Diawl Bach
Hares Ear nymph    


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