Our Aims
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Friday, 25 November 2011 18:37
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  • We aim to offer good sport at affordable prices in an attractive and natural setting. Over the 25 years we have been open we have seen many changes and many fisheries come and go. We are lucky to own the fishery and have a management structure which means we are not looking for a rent and full wage from your day ticket. This allows us to put more of your ticket into good quality fish.
  • We aim to provide a good selection of hard fighting stock fish with the odd large fish as a bonus. We have always kept away from the rush for specimen fish, they tend not to do well at Langley and attract the wrong kind of customer.
  • We want Langley to remain attractive and challenging so have kept as much of the natural vegetation as possible which provides feed and cover for the fish
  • We have been in this business a long time (and intend to be in it a lot longer) and we know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising you can get in the fishing community. We hope you enjoy your day at Langley and tell your friends. If you haven’t please tell us so that we can try and address your issues.
  • We aim to be as flexible as possible, offering a good range of ticket types and session times to suit you.
  • We aim to encourage fishing for all. We have a regular juniors competition, offer concessions to the young and older members and have regularly hosted a disabled day. If you are worried about access to the lake please ring and discuss it with us and we will try our best to ensure that we get you fishing.
  • We have built up a strong and loyal customer base and we appreciate the special affection that Langley has for a lot of our regulars.
  • A reflection of this is the new bench by the boathouse kindly provided by the family of the late Ken Hooper who sadly died whilst fishing at Langley in 2010.
  • We look upon our fishermen not only as customers but also as friends and try to give a warm and friendly welcome to all.


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